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I am so excited to share with you how I successfully began and operated a highly profitable cabinet painting Biz within my own company, Renewed Treasures Studios. The cabinet industry is so HOT as many people are choosing to update their home instead of moving. And, clients want their homes to look amazing without having to move.

Before any holiday gatherings begin around the dinner table they want their home to look fabulous. One way to do that is by updating their kitchen!! 

an INCREDIBLE business opportunity

If you are any of the following this will open up

  • Anyone who has a passion for paint and needs help attracting the right clients.

  • Furniture flippers looking for a higher profit margin

  • DIYers that have painted their own cabinets and are ready to make money painting them for others

  • People who are frustrated and want to get out of a day job they hate and want to be creative

  • faux finishers looking to add cabinet painting to their portfolio and increase their revenue.

Can you relate to any of these people? Then  this course is for YOU!!

Over the past 6 I have been creating beautiful kitchens for clients. I have painted and overseen hundreds of cabinet jobs. I want to save you from all the costly and silly mistakes that I have made over the years. 

I see it every day, Furniture flippers who have such a passion for painting but can not sell a thing. There is such a saturated market right now of Furniture painters. Talented painters in the industry who can not find  clients. Those booth owners that opened their business because it was a passion but are struggling month after mont to pay their booth rent because nothing is selling.Those Brick and mortar owners that their struggling to get foot traffic in the door and any money they are making is going to overhead. 

I can help you conquer the gap between your talent and profit!!!

In Shereena's story in the video above, She felt like she was just treading water in her brick and mortar store. Paying for inventory, rent, insurance, and tied down to the store everyday was something she had been struggling with for a while. Since she decided to take the leap into painting cabinets she has made more money than she ever has in her brick and mortar store. She feels confident and is loving the extra time show now has to spend with her family. Right now she is consistently staying booked with a goal of 1 cabinet job a month. But she has set an even higher goal for next year. Her goal is to have on the calendar booked out 2 cabinets jobs a month and close down her brick and mortar store all together. 

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In my "Cabinet Painting for a Profit" course, I am going to discuss

want to know what it includes?

  • The success path for Paint Cabinets for Profit

  • How to use social media to place ads with little to no ad spend

  • How to get businesses to refer out you for a job

  • Where to find your ideal clients

  • How to handle the PITA "Pain in the Ass" clients

  • The supplies, tools, techniques to get start and how to keep your overhead low

  • Insurance, taxes, time management and other busines-related things that tend to make a creatives head spin

  • How to increase your profit margin with 1 client

  • The KEY to getting refferals and staying booked months in advance

  • When and how to hire assitants

  • How to win the bid over your competition

  • How to protect yourself with the right contract

  • And the number one thing everyone ask me is how to price. You will get my pricing strategy for not only kitchen cabinets for amolost every piece of furniture that you can think of in a downloadable workbook.

I am so excited to teach you I know about an industry that is continuing to EXPLODE!!

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Includes Lifetime Access to course Materials

What does the course include?

  • Foundation Module

    No matter what your reason for wanting to start your own business, developing the foundation is the same. Laying a solid foundation for your business will provide you with a road map to follow as you build your business.

  • Technique

    In this module you will learn how to paint cabinets, what tools and techniques give the best finish and how to be the most efficient on the jobsite.

  • Networking

    Networking is the key success to you business. Having a firm back end of your business set up will keep your calendar booked month after month with business referrals as well as client referrals

  • Pricing and Strategy

    Strategically figuring out how to price an estimate is one of the hardest things to figure out. You will get examples of how to price and quote a job as well as strategies to increase your revenue on every job.

  • Marketing your business

    Knowing how to market your business to get in front of the right customers is a key part to every business. Learn how to put some fairy dust on your ad before you even put the first dollar marketing it.

  • Hiring

    In order to run a successful business you can not do it alone. Learn the ins and outs of when you need to hire, who to hire, How to interview the right person, and what to do with them once you have hired them

  • Customer Care

    How you treat the customers you have is an essential element in your business. I want to teach you how to stand out above the competition and keep those referrals coming in...

  • Bonus #1 15 minute Facebook Audit

    Learn how to audit your facebook page to make sure that you have the most relevant information on there.

  • Bonus #2 How to Stain Cabinets

    adding staining cabinets to your portfolio for a quick touch up could bring your profit margin up

  • Bonus #3 Staging

    Taking the proper photos to show off to potential clients. Could mean the difference between them moving on to the next person or so amazed by your work that they want in now

  • Special Guest Bonus

    Surprise Bonus

  • Live Weekly Call

    This is one of the favorites of the Founding members. Participating in the weekly calls with me and other members of the course through a live Zoom Call where we are Face to Face. You can ask questions, Get input from others just like yourself, Have accountability partners and work together to achieve one goal building your businesses

  • Tess Bourque

    Your Cabinet Course Leader

    Hey, Y'all I am Tess Bourque owner of Renewed Treasures Studios a Decorative Custom Furniture painting company based in Judice, Louisiana. Where I started out flipping furniture and quickly grew into a 5 Figure Custom Furniture Painting Biz. I show Creative Women how to have an online presence and market themselves so that clients find them. I am also a Business Coach to the Creative Entrepreneur looking to be empowered to Grow Their Business. When you open up to what the passion is in your life you create beauty and harmony. I want to help you connect to that inner core passion in your business.

    Tess Bourque

    Business Coach Instructor/ Decorative Painting Company Owner

    Tess Bourque

Success Stories

“honestly there's so much value in the content you have provided, it's really difficult to pin point the best bits it's all been incredible! My biggest take-away would be the process of working on site, organization, tools needed and general method. If I hadnt have taken the course My business would still have no direction or vision to dramatically increase revenue, jumping from one idea to another with no clear financial goal. However, since taking the course I have had two of the most profitable months since I started my business. ”

Shabby Nook

Shereena Starmer

“I felt like I was just treading water in my business. Without taking Tess's course I may have had to close my business and go back to the corporate world where I didnt want to go. I have had more time to spend with my family and take trips, and buy special things just for myself. It is great to feel like I have a safety net... Plus feel like a proper pro. I now feel more organized that I have ever been and definitely given me a clear way forward in how to increase my revenue. I love knowing that my diary is booked out for at least 2 months. ”

The Paint Shed Cornwall

Sandy Cambpell

“My biggest take away is that I found how little I actually knew about doing custom cabinets! Now the fear has been taken away and I no longer have the Imposter syndrome with doing cabinets. I was so stressed and felt I couldn't keep my head above water with all the task I was doing. Every penny that I earned was going back into my booth and retail sales leaving no profit month after month. I had saw Tess's group and thought I could do that. I wanted to jump right in but Tess insisted that I take it slow and learn all that I could. Since taking the course I have booked my 6th cabinet job within 3 months and have hired assistants to help. ”

50 Shades of Furniture

Shannon Beddard

Choose your Payment option

We have 2 ways to pay for the course. Pay in Full or 3 payment plan option

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How long do we have access to the course?

    As a Beta (founding member) you will have lifetime access to course materials

  • 2. Is There a money back guarantee?

    Yes, We have a 7 day money back gaurantee.

  • 3. Do you have a payment plan?

    Yes we most certainly do. its divided up into 3 equal payments. Those payment are higher than the full cost of the course because there are additional processing fees each time the payment is made.

  • 4. Can the course be accessed from my tablet or smartphone?

    Yes absolutely our site is mobil friendly

  • 5. How long is the course?

    The course is split up into 6 modules. with 4 implementation weeks. So the course takes appoximately 10 weeks.

  • 6. What if I can't start right away? Can I catch up (next week/next month, etc.)

    The course is structured around weekly modules being delivered. However it is a work at your own pace. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way. You will have access as a Beta (founding member) lifetime access to the course materials.

  • 7. Who is the best fit for this course?

    • Anyone who has a passion for paint and needs help attracting the right clients. • Furniture flippers looking for a higher profit margin • DIYers that have painted their own cabinets and are ready to make money painting them for others. • People who are frustrated and want to get out of a day job they hate and want to be creative

  • 8. Who is this course not for?

    This course is not for the tire kickers- those that do not want to put forth the effort to succeed. This course will give you every possible way to succeed but you are the one who has to put forth the effort and apply it to your business.

  • 9. Is this course for the advanced/ or beginner

    The amazing thing about this course is that it is for you no matter what stage of your business you are in. It is for those that have never painted cabinets in their life and wouldnt know where to start all the way up to those that have had a cabinet painting business for years but dont have the clientel or revenue they should be having.

Enrollment ends in....

Why wait another 6 months when your business could be where you dreamed it could be!!!

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