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Doors Close April 27th, 2018

I am so excited to share with you how I successfully began and operated a highly profitable cabinet painting Biz within my own company, Renewed Treasures Studios. The cabinet industry is so HOT as many people are choosing to update their home instead of moving. And, clients want their homes to look amazing without having to do a total kitchen overhaul. Just painting the kitchen alone can make you feel like you are in a new home. This opens up an INCREDIBLE business opportunity for the following people. 

  • people who have painted their own cabinets and are ready to make money painting them for others
  • talented furniture painters looking to make a higher profit margin
  • people ready to get out of a day job they hate to start a "creative career"
  • anyone who has a passion for paint and needs help finding clients

Since 2014 I have painted hundreds of cabinet jobs. I want to save you from the silly mistakes that I have made and help you to start making money off of your talent with a Fast Track Plan. There are too many talented people who have a passion for painting but have no clients and have no income. Let me tell you that it is so hard to stay in business with no income. I can help you bridge the gap between talent and profit! In my "Start Your Cabinet Painting Biz" training, I am going to discuss.

  • The Foundation every Cabinet Biz needs that tends to make every creative head spin. 
  • Sample Finishes that 95% of your clients want to see. 
  • How to up-sell your clients while you are in their home
  • How to use Social Media to Further your business. 
  • We will go deep into how I personally price all my cabinet jobs that will work in any part of the country
  • The tools and supplies that you need to get started in cabinet painting so that you keep your overhead low. 
  • Where to find your ideal clients. 
  • Where to spend your advertising dollars. And how I booked out my calendar for FREE. 
  • and oh so much more 

I have designed this course not to overwhelm you with loads of information. But give you bite-sized strategies that you can implement in your business right away!!

My Goal is to help Creative Entrepreneurs Grow their Business. 

My job as a Mentor is to get you "RESULTS"

There are stages that a cabinet Painting Business goes through. I want to help you to reach the highest stage giving you the greatest results in your business. My one goal is to help you to create a Business that you love and profit from. The rest is up to you. I give you the tools to succeed and master your path to success. 

Tess Bourque
Tess Bourque
Business Coach Instructor/ Decorative Painting Company Owner

About Your Mentor

Hey, Y'all I am Tess Bourque owner of Renewed Treasures Studios a Decorative Custom Furniture painting company based in Judice, Louisiana. Where I started out flipping furniture and quickly grew into a 5 Figure Custom Furniture Painting Biz. I show Creative Women how to have an online presence and market themselves so that clients find them. I am also a Business Coach to the Creative Entrepreneur looking to be empowered to Grow Their Business. When you open up to what the passion is in your life you create beauty and harmony. I want to help you connect to that inner core passion in your business.

You can also find me on my Business page  Renewed Treasures Studios 

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Learn how to Grow a Profitable Furniture Painting Business. Private Mastermind Coaching send me an email I teach creatives how to Grow your online presence and have a thriving sustainable Creative Biz. 

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Doors Close April 27th, 2018

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